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Here you can find videos, links and downloads in German.

Our research is designed to help you stay healthy or cope with your stroke in the best possible way.

This video is in German. In the event of a stroke, things have to be done quickly: A well-coordinated team of specialists at the University Neurocenter in Bern at Inselspital ensures that everything runs smoothly. In the video, Georg Horisberger tells his personal story from the trip with the ambulance to the Inselspital to his rehabilitation in the Riggisberg Hospital.



This video is in German. Most stroke patients can be helped thanks to modern therapy. Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Arnold, chief physician at the Stroke Center of Bern's Inselspital, provides information about the chances of recovery from a stroke. The prerequisite is that there is a quick response in an emergency. Because when you have a stroke, every minute counts.



This video is in German. The capital region is an important health location: From hospitals to research, training, development, medtech, biotech and pharmaceuticals to associations and authorities, a multitude of skills and services are combined here that are among the best nationally and internationally. The capital region of Switzerland wants to contribute by networking the players in the health location even more closely, with the Inselspital Bern playing a key role with its Stroke Center.