Stroke Research Center Bern

About us

The team of the Stroke Research Center Bern is dedicated to providing high quality and clinically relevant research to decipher pathophysiology, diagnosis and prognoses of cerebrovascular diseases and ultimately to inform treatment decisions, develop guidelines and improve patient outcomes.

We are a young and/or experienced, diverse and flexible team of clinicians, clinical scientists, psychologists, trial managers, medical students, biologists and biomedical engineers who work collaboratively to ensure that the various knowledge and talents in the team are combined to the best effect.

We value intensive, open cooperation and communication with academic and industrial partners around the globe. This enables us to profit from local knowledge and cultural diversity to foster an international point of view regarding the next scientific frontiers of cerebrovascular diseases.

Our team consist of a Board of Directors, dedicated to navigating the team and research focus towards the most pressing unanswered questions in stroke research, and each specialized topic is represented by a research group leader allowing for ideal team management conditions and detailed expert knowledge.

Our vision is to reduce the burden of stroke related diseases and this vision drives our efforts to improve stroke care on all domains.